Project Description

Microwaves are one of the home appliances that deliver the most convenience to their owners, which is why repairing your microwave when it is not working is so important. Microwaves are obviously not simple machines, and present health risks from both electricity and radiation. Not only do microwaves use high voltage, they also contain capacitors, which store energy and can deliver a dangerous electrical shock even when the microwave is unplugged. If internal components are not repaired correctly, they can emit harmful radiation. Only professional service technicians should ever work on a microwave; it is not a job for a casual handyman!

So, when your microwave needs to be repaired, you need to call someone that you trust, and who is trained to work on machines like microwaves that have the potential to harm your family, as well as provide hot food quickly. Appliance Repair of Florence, Alabama has trained and certified professionals with experience working with microwaves of all makes and models. They understand what, and how, to do it right and safely.