Project Description

Range repairs are not only important because they return your life to normal, they are also important because gas can be hazardous. Gas leaks can be catastrophic, and so you must have someone who knows what they are doing repairing your range top. That is why it is most important that you have a trained and certified technician working on your gas-powered appliances.

Knowledgeable and experienced technicians are important because gas lines should only be worked on by professionals. As well, electronic ignition components and pilot lights must be working properly to prevent danger from fire or explosion. Cleaning a range top is something that almost anyone can do, but repairing a range top should be left to those who know how to do it right.

Electric range tops use high voltage, and should also be serviced by professionals only. Working on appliances that use high voltage is dangerous, and improper range top repairs can be hazardous for you and your family.