Sealed System Repair: Be Careful and Be Safe

Trust Appliance Repair of Florence, Alabama to Keep Your Family Safe

Hidden Danger

Sealed systems, such as refrigeration and coolant systems, are not only important to keep food at safe storage temperatures and your family comfortable, but they also present a hazard if they leak their refrigerant into your home. Refrigerant leaks can cause skin irritation such as dryness or itching, but they can also lead to respiratory issues that range from shortness of breath to asphyxiation and death. Clearly, repairing sealed systems is a job that must be performed by professionals who understand how to do the work properly and safely.

Appliance Repair of Florence, Alabama employs trained professionals who are certified in sealed system repair. They understand the health hazards that sealed systems represent and understand that your family is potentially at risk from improperly functioning or repaired sealed systems. They will provide you with the repair options that are available and advise you as to the best course of action, considering cost, speed and the safety of your family.

Reliable Service

Appliance Repair of Florence, Alabama has the experience and expertise to quickly and professionally repair your sealed system that needs repair. Regardless of whether it is a refrigerator, air conditioner or freezer, our technicians will quickly diagnose your problem and present you with options. We understand that you need to make the most efficient decision for you and your family, and we will help you to make a wise choice. When you need a sealed system repair, trust Appliance Repair of Florence, Alabama to take care of you and your family.